A meeting was held in the Gundaroo Hall on 2nd August 2011 when a good attendance endorsed the formation of the Gundaroo & District Historical Society. Regular meetings have been held since that date. Subsequent meetings decided on incorporation which was granted by the NSW Dept of Fair Trading on 21st November 2011.


The objectives of the Gundaroo and District Historical Society are to preserve documents and any objects or records pertinent to the history of the village and surrounds so that future generations can have access to an accurate record of the past. A particular focus will be the recording of the lives of the people who played a part in the formation of the village as we know.


Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month in the Literary Institute at 7pm. Members are notified by email.


The Gundaroo and District Historical Society committee comprises:

President: Peter Firth
Vice president: Ron Miller
Secretary: Cathy Laudenbach
Treasurer: Alan Gibson
Membership Officer: Alan Gibson
Marketing and Communication Officer: Tim McGrath
Fundraising Officer: Vacant / to be filled
Archives officer: Caroline Milne

Meeting minutes

GDHS November 2015 meeting minutes

GDHS September 2015 meeting minutes

GDSH April 2015 meeting minutes

GHDS May 2014 meeting minutes

GDHS August 2014 meeting minutes

GDHS Decemember 2014 meeting minutes

4 thoughts on “ABOUT US”

  1. Chris Mcdonald said:

    Hi Gundaroo historical society,

    MY great great Grand father was Thomas McDonald, he was the Gundaroo school teacher from 1895 to 1907 when he and his family resided at the school, the kids were James , Minnie. Tom . GErtrude Norma Maud Lillian , David ; last 2 born at Gundaroo.

    He was considered a remarkable teacher; gaining praise from the Clemengers who were good friends of the McDonald s during their 12 years there. BEsides the school he was also involved with music concerts, the library, cricket team, and Presbyterian church, often raising funds for various courses.

    tHis information comes through Trove newspapers , however if anyone at GUndaroo has any more info or possible photos that would be great. I can send through a photo of him. if you like.

    Chris Mcdonald

    • Hi lovely to hear from you. There is a book about Gundaroo written by Errol Lea Scarlett and there is a lot written about your grandfather in that book. If you like I can photocopy those pages and send them to you. My mobile is 0413301917 so if you text me your address I can get that information to you
      Cathy Secretary

  2. Jill Gay said:

    I have been (willed for want of a better word) some written information on my family (Charles Masters) that lived and worked in Gundaroo in the mid 1800. However there seems to be errors. Wondering if you could help, the land Ester Mead, how is this spelt and who owned the land, and any other information would be great.
    Thank you
    Jill Gay

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