This local history book covers the 150 years 1867-2017.  It contains 180 pages filled with more than 100 evocative photographs of people, family letters, official documents, old receipts and local maps. Thanks to a YVC Heritage grant, the book is available for only $15 from the Sutton Post Office and also at the Gundaroo Post Office.


Who should read this book?  Anyone with an interest in the social history of the district.  Although focused on Sutton, there are plenty of mentions of the surrounding areas of “Upper Gundaroo” and Bywong, and many references to pioneering families such as Bingley, Cartwrights, Darmody, Donnelly, Edgar, Guise, Massy, Read, Reid, Williams and Hardy just to mention a few.

Read the book in its entirety from beginning to end to follow the families, social history and development of the Sutton region. 

Why write this book now?   The book has been written to celebrate Sutton’s 150th anniversary in 2017.  All profits go to the Sutton and District Community Association.

How was it written?

Family histories, many interviews with local residents, official documents, memoires and online research have all contributed to the stories.  As often happens with oral history, many versions of the same story have been told and these are all included. 

What next?  

We hope the book generates family conversations where more information will come to light. Perhaps also in time, a website will be created where new perspectives on local life can be added. Any direct inputs would also be most welcome, to

Sutton hotel late 1880s
Sutton post office early 1990s.
PO sign behind little girl on horse
New school and residence 1883
Burnt to the ground in March 1923
Sutton tennis court 1924
Sutton school group 1890s